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5 Ways to Know It's Time to Hire A Resume Writer

Sun, Apr 22nd, 2018

The job search can get very expensive, especially when you are unemployed. Dry cleaning your interview suit and driving to interview after interview costs money, and it begins to add up fast. You’ve been job searching for some time now and nothing has fallen through. You are considering hiring a professional resume writer, however, you do not want to spend any unnecessary cash.

If you have been spinning your wheels in the job market with little to no success, it may be that how you are coming across on paper is turning potential employers off. That’s where a professional resume writer can help. Professional resume writers are not just good writers, but they are experts at making your resume stand out from the rest of the applicant pool. Here are five reasons why hiring a professional resume writer is such a good investment.

1. You are a Horrible Writer

You’re a mechanical engineer. While you can build a generator with ease, you’re struggling to present your previous work experience in a way that doesn’t leave the hiring manager questioning your grammar skills.
A resume writer can help you put your best foot forward by including relevant information in your resume and doing so in a professional way. Though writing may not be your strongest attribute, your resume does not have to reflect that.

2. You’re Not Up On Current Resume Trends

To get your resume more than a passing glance from a busy hiring manager, your resume has to be modern and stylish. If you are not up on the current trends, a professional resume service can help give your resume the flair it deserves. From choosing the right quality paper to print it on to using a clean, professional template, your resume writer will make sure your resume looks its best.

3. You’re Not getting any interviews

You have tons of experience and your skills are highly sought after. So, where aren’t you getting any interviews? A big reason why you could be missing out is due to a resume that’s missing the mark with hiring managers. A professionally written resume could break down the barriers that are keeping you from getting your foot in the door. Let a resume writer help you shine on paper so that you can have the opportunity to wow potential employers at the interview.

4. You Don’t Like Bragging About Yourself

A resume is basically a one-page snapshot of all your accomplishments and accolades. However, if you are not the bragging type, putting your achievements on paper can prove to be difficult. An excellent resume writer can help you turn your resume into a work of art which highlights your most worthy professional experiences and achievements. Writing about yourself is very difficult. Let a resume service do the bragging for you.

5. You Have Employment Gaps or Other Resume Nightmares
You left the workplace to go back to school or raise your family. Or maybe you are making a major career change and are not quite sure how to present your transferable skills. These issues are not uncommon, however, they can leave a hiring manager with a bad taste in their mouth before you even step foot into the interview. While you can’t change the past, a resume writer can help you accentuate the positives while creatively leaving out the negatives. A professionally polished resume can help camouflage these issues and help you secure an interview.

Let an Expert Write Your Resume

Having your resume polished by a professional resume writer can give you the edge you need to secure an interview. At University Writing 911, we have several professional resume writers on staff who are qualified to provide you with a resume that showcases your professional talents. Don’t waste precious opportunities to wow potential employers. Get your resume handled by one of our expert resume writers today.



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