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6 Ways To Write an A+ Discussion Board Post

Sun, Apr 22nd, 2018


To your professor, a discussion board is a space where students can share their thoughts and ideas about class content. To students, however, a discussion board can be a place filled with anxiety, stress, and academic burnout.


A semester full of great discussion postings can make all the difference in your final grade.

To prevent discussion board writer’s block from rearing its ugly head on your next post, here are 6 tips to help you avoid losing precious discussion post points and get an A+ every time.

1.    Read the Directions Carefully

One of the easiest ways to keep points from being deducted from your grade is to follow the directions. What is that you are asked to write about? How many words should your post be? What format should it be written in? (MLA, APA, etc.). How many sources should be used? Is this a summary of the reading or are you being asked to expound upon ideas from this week’s material? Don’t lose precious points by forgetting to follow directions. Make sure that you have a clear understanding of what your professor expects.

2.    Follow the rules

Most online courses have rules for discussion board posts that you can find in the class syllabus. If you are supposed to respond to two classmates, make sure you do just that. If posts are supposed to be 200-400 words, make sure that you don’t write 150 or 500 words.


While writing more words that required is usually frowned upon and can cause you to lose points, writing more replies that required could earn you some bonus points. If the class requires 2 replies, try writing 3. Online professors love to see a student making a good effort in their class.

3.    Don’t Just Agree/Disagree

Just typing “I agree with you” will not get you full points and will be viewed as lazy. Expound upon why you agree or disagree with your classmate by adding your own opinions and ideas. Adding an extra source or two will also help you develop your own ideas.


4.    Post On Time

Remember when your posts are due. Initial posts and replies are usually due on different days so make sure that you understand what the requirements are. Some classes allow you to make all of your posts in one day, however, others want to see daily participation and limit your activity to one posting per day. Don’t lose points for late postings or replies.

5.    Use Credible Sources

Unless otherwise stated, Wikipedia is not a good source to use for academic assignments, and that does not change when completing discussion question posts. Some online classes may even require that sources be no more than 5 years old. Make sure that you know what types of sources you are required to use to avoid being marked negatively.

6.    Avoid Plagiarism

At this point in your academic career, this should go without saying. Plagiarism rules still apply to discussion questions and replied. Make sure you are properly referencing the ideas of others and that what you write otherwise comes from your own thoughts. Plagiarizing your discussion posts will not only earn you a zero grade, you might get kicked out of your online class or even the university.



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